Our Purpose

The purpose of Dharma is to come together as a group and become one. We hold monthly meetings with out members to discuss various teachings of  Buddha and other religious figures. We believe in community and development. We often partner with local businesses in the area of Sudbury to discuss how they can use religious teachings to grow their businesses.

Many business owners do not understand the connection between God, the Bible and spirituality when it applies to local business. Many practices of how we do business these days are simply unethical and we must use religion to counter this.

If we all can learn from the teachings in various religions and bibles, we can all come together to once again conduct business ethically again. For too long we have made business about the bottom dollar but we instead need to start instead thinking about “What we can do for the customer”. We always are thinking what can the customer do for us, when it needs to be the other way around.

If you cannot do something for your customer that is worth there money, why should they be giving you their money and their business. As business owners we must take ownership of the services we offer and be held accountable for the level of service our customers are receiving.

Never forget that the customer is always right and without a happy customer you would have no business and no source of income for you and your family. Think about this next time you conduct business.